Nolan’s Cake Smash! {Mukwonago Baby Photographer}

My sweet boy turned ONE on monday. This boy….

Turned ONE.

Sigh. I just….can’t. <3

We have been so crazy busy with traveling to FL for two weeks and my husband traveling...a TON. I just haven't even thought about a birthday for Nolan. But of course, last minute, I decide I HAVE to put together a party, and a cake smash, and baptism! No big.

Thankfully, I have so many amazing people in my life...they have all helped to bring everything together! His party is this Saturday but we did cake smash this morning. Love him.

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Kaydence turns FIVE!

My very dear friend’s little lady turned five last week and of course, FROZEN was the chosen theme. Beautifully done as always! LOVE LOVE LOVE these people. :)
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Leah’s parents surprised everyone by dressing up as OLAF!!! Most amazing thing ever. SOOO happy I captured this moment. omg.
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We are going to Disney and Ella and I will be going to Breakfast with the Princesses. I knew that I wanted to tell her by giving her an Elsa dress. I started looking for them and of course they are sold out EVERY.WHERE. And to buy one on ebay is absurd right now. $500! Ridiculous!
Anyhow….Etsy came through!
She was elated! And of course she will probably never take this dress off. :)
Couldn’t be happier.

The boys room!

The boys got a little makeover. :) With a fun new ikea bunkbed, it was time to spruce it up a bit!
Bunk bed- Ikea (craigslist)
Table and chairs- Ikea (craigslist)
Rug- Overstock
Globe lamp – (goodwill for $2!!!)
Frames- Urban Orchard Frames

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boys room (4 of 19)
boys room (9 of 19)
boys room (11 of 19)